Expected Value For Slots Explained

Slot machine strategy can get very technical at times and we believe that as an online casino game provider it is our job to make sure you understand the games and how to master them. So in this article we’re going to try to explain the complexities of the term “expected return”, an element that you should always consider when deciding on the right slot to invest in.

First of all, think of online slots as a company that you invest in. When you put money into a business, you expect something in return. This is how we are going to think about the expected return: the result that you expect when you invest your money and your wits in something. When judi bola online Malaysia machine strategy talks about the expected return, it uses a mathematical way of using the probability of the outcome that you can get while playing.

You will find that the expected return is expressed as a percentage. If the expected return is over 100 percent, it is considered a positive expectation and presented as a + EV bet. If the expected return on a game is 100 percent, it is an even-odds betting odds. Any expected return that is less than 100 percent is considered a negative expectation or EV stake.

The expected return on a game is calculated by taking your chances of winning and multiplying them by the amount of money you win compared to the amount you wagered. So basically it’s your chances of winning multiplied by your winnings.

The problem becomes difficult when you find that most slot machine games have an expected negative return. It is important that you understand that this does not mean that you can never win situs judi bola Malaysia. Slot machine strategy is mostly about luck, so the prizes on offer are always amazing, but you will need luck to win them. When you get the expected return, you can understand that if you wager 100 times, for example, you will only get paid 97 times. However, within those 97 spins you could win a jackpot and defy the odds.

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